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Hello friends
My name is Manjit Singh. I am a resident of Ganganagar Rajasthan India. I am 47 years old. I know Hindi, Punjabi, and English language. I am an a/c mechanic by profession. I work in the Arab country of Bahrain.

Past And Present

There is a lot of difference between the past and today, it is a 'bitter truth', there was a time when all the families used to live together and today there is nothing left except the quarrels in the families.
It is very difficult to say about yourself, but today everyone's story is almost the same, everyone is in some trouble or the other, and everyone's life is full of difficulties.
'Dard Bhari Hindi Shayari' 'Bitter truth' 'Husband to wife is unhappy' 'Wife to husband is unhappy' You search in Google and see that there are a million searches on these issues.

Talking about parents, nowadays it is known only in government papers, that they are parents, the condition of many families is that despite everything at home, the parents live in the old age ashram.
it hurts what we were and what has become

The reason for building a website?

Often there is a quarrel in the house over small things, wrong behavior with parents, quarrel between husband and wife, each other's talk is not tolerated, distances are increasing in relationships.
We have to find out what is the real point of the tribulation, often it is all because of misunderstandings, where misunderstandings come from, and how to stop them.
It is our small effort that we can show the right path to other families through this website (www.mitamad.com) from our life experience.

Our hope

We hope that the articles written by us can be of some help to you, we will try to keep you informed about the good things in life on our website 'www.mitamad.com'
If you do not find something right in any of our articles (to life), then definitely tell us by commenting, and we will try to rectify our mistake.

Email: mitamad99@gmail.com